Against cold sores:

Zynamed Care Cream 50g

Against colds and flu:

Zynamed Cleans & Recover Capsules

Against glandular fever:

Zynamed Cleans & Recover Capsules

Immune System Support:

Zynamed Cleans & Recvover Capsules

Zynamed helps shorten the treatment time needed to treat these common viral infections. The active ingredient, CHD-FA, helps remove the virus from the bloodstream without interfering with conventional medicine.

Effective concentrated doses allow the body to repair and renew itself.

Zynamed is very important for people under stress or affected by chronic illness – as a source of protection they may otherwise lack. Our Zynamed Cleans & Recover capsules can be used in much lower doses daily as an energy tonic.

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Mechanism Of Action:

Can be used by the whole family, including children, infants and the elderly.

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