The cause of Candida is a fungal infection, of which there are several types: Candida Albicans, Candida Krusei and Candida Glabrata.

It is a common fungal infection that increases with the use of antibiotics, the birth control pill, and stress, and is favored by high-carbohydrate diets (e.g., sugar, rice, and bread).

This fungal infection can be transmitted from partner to partner, with the male partner often having no symptoms at all. Male partners should be treated whether they have symptoms or not. This infection is often resistant, recurrent and persistent, which can be really annoying!

Candida symptoms

The vaginal area may become red and raw due to itching (also burning). Frequently recurring Candida likely begins a few days before menstruation, when the PH in the vagina changes and becomes an ideal environment for Candida to thrive. Resistant Candida such as Krusei and Candida Glabrata (increasingly seen in the laboratory) seem to resist common prescribed treatments.

Candida treatment

With Zynamed CHD-FA, you can treat all forms of pathogenic Candida yeast infections, including infections of the skin, genitals, and digestive system. CHD-FA works by inhibiting the virulence or infection-causing power of Candida. 

This is done through various mechanisms:

Zynamed Cleanse & Recover capsules act internally

Carbohydrate derived fulvic acid (CHD-FA) is best taken concentrated in capsules or in liquid form. CHD-FA is derived from plants and is patented for its purity. You should take these capsules with meals, twice daily.

The capsules are particularly effective because they slow the release of CHD-FA in the body, allowing its antifungal properties to take effect in your intestinal tract.

It is difficult to get your dose of fulvic acid directly from a natural source because soils and food sources have been depleted by commercial agriculture. Fulvic acid from the soil is contaminated with heavy metals.

Zynamed CHD-FA has the added antioxidant benefit of combining with toxins in your body and removing them from the bloodstream - as waste. This significantly reduces "die-off" symptoms.

Zynamed "Cleanse & Recover" capsules are known for their ability to kill Candida cells and also for restoring normal acid levels in the stomach. Taking Zynamed capsules during treatment can get your intestinal tract back in shape and prevent the cells from growing again. Much of our research was conducted by Prof. Peter Warn at Euprotec.

CHD-FA works by dissolving the cell walls of Candida yeast, thanks to its natural ability to move through the yeast's cell walls with relative ease. It is then able to inhibit the growth of the yeast by effectively destroying the yeast cell.

Mechanism of action of yeast:

Studies conducted in Europe have shown that CHD-FA (in Zynamed) has a broader and more effective anti-fungal spectrum than any conventional prescribed treatment.

Repeated studies have shown that CHD-FA is an effective treatment against Candida. Studies by Prof. Warn at Euprotec, UK, found that the fungicidal effect of CHD-FA on Candida Albicans and resistant yeasts exceeded that of prescribed fluconazoles such as Diflucan. It's also much more affordable!

Zynamed Care cream 50 grams is voted the best natural anti-itch cream by Natural Medicine magazine.

Zynamed has:

Possible side effects of CHD-FA

CHD-FA may cause softer stools than usual. Individuals experiencing Candida flushing out or die-off symptoms may experience symptoms similar to those experienced on a detox diet. Individuals who want to avoid die-off symptoms will prefer CHD-FA. CHD-FA has a much higher safety profile and an even higher therapeutic index than caprylic acid.

Security profile
Caprylic acid
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Zynamed CHD-FA
Reported problems
Very rare
Flatulence & Stomach Pain
Safe i.d application
Low blood pressure (do not take with: COQ10)
Safe i.d application
Blood pressure medication
Safe i.d application
Do not take in case of liver complaints
Safe i.d application
Do not take in cases of IBS, SIBO,
Crohns or other stomach inflammations
Helpful for these Complaints

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